Major Publication

The research group of Christian Krebs landed a milestone publication in Science Immunology titled "Pathogen-induced tissue-resident memory TH17 (TRM17) cells amplify autoimmune kidney disease."

24th February - Lab Meeting

Ulrich Wenzel will present his project with the title: "Hypertension/ Complement/ Mineralocorticoid receptor/ Malignant nephrosclerosis"

17th February - Lab Meeting

Thorsten Wiech and Peter Zipfel will present latest findings of the subgroup B6. The title of today's lab meeting is "Role of FHR Proteins in Glomerular Diseases."

10th February - Lab Meeting

At today's lab meeting of the CRC 1192, Anne Mühlig (AG T. Huber) will present her project. You can join the meeting via WebEx. Details below.

27th Januarary - Lab Meeting

Christian Krebs and Penelope Pelczar (AG S. Huber) will give an update about the progress of subgroup A5. You are welcomed to join the meeting online via WebEx.

20th Januarary - Lab Meeting

At today's CRC meeting at 2 p.m., we are happy to welcome Tim Magnus (Clinic for Neurology, UKE) to present his project.

Application process open for scholarships starting next year

The C3i graduate school is offering 8 scholarships for medical students starting on April 1st 2021.

16th December - Lab Meeting

You can join our lab meeting online via WebEx. Today Francesca Solagna will present.

9th December - Lab Meeting

Markus Rinschen from the associated work-group will present latest results of his work.

2nd December - Lab Meeting

As usual, you can join our lab meet online via Web-Ex. Fabian Braun will talk about Fabry disease

8th September - New Publication

We are pleased to announce a new publication of our sub group A3 in the journal J Am Soc Nephrol titled "Amphiregulin Aggravates Glomerulonephritis via Recruitment and Activation of Myeloid Cells".

17th August - New Publications

We are glad to announce three new publications  of our sub groups B8 and C1 in Nat Cell Biol., Kidney Int. as well as The Lancet.

18th May - New Publications

There are three new publications of our sub groups B2, B5, B8 and B9 of the CRC avaialble - including two publications about Sars-CoV-2 in the Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine.

8th May - New Publication

We are delighted to announce yet another successful publication by our two subgroups A5 and A8 of the CRC 1192.

23rd April - New Publications

We are pleased to announce that two new publications from our project group B6 have been accepted by J Am Soc Nephrol and Kidney Int Reports respectively. 

30th March - New Publications

We are pleased to announce that a new publication from our project group A8 has been accepted by Sci Transl Med.

19th March - New Publications

We are glad to announce that a new publication from our project groups A1 and A8 has been accepted by Nature Reviews Nephrology.

10th March - Meetings canceled due to Corona

Due to the exceptional situation caused by the corona pandemic all events of the CRC 1192 are cancelled until further notice.


26th February - Lab Meeting

Ms. Becker (AG Turner) will present her project with the title: "Tissue adaptation of ILC2s is determined by the tissue microenvironment" at our upcoming lab meeting.

25th February - New Publications

We are pleased to announce that two new publications from our project groups A1 and A6 have been accepted by Front Immunol.

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