11th May - New Publication

We are happy to announce a further publication of CRC 1192 titled: "The Amphiregulin/EGFR axis protects from lupus nephritis via downregulation of pathogenic CD4 + T helper cell responses" in the Journal Autoimmunity.

4th May - Lab Meeting

Out lab meeting continues with Markus Rinschen (subproject B10) talking about: " Proteolytic control of inflammatory glomerular kidney disease "

2nd May - New Publication

We are pleased to inform you about a new publication of CRC 1192 titled: "Loss of the collagen IV modifier prolyl 3-hydroxylase 2 causes thin basement membrane nephropathy" in J Clin Invest.

27th April - Guest Lecture

We are happy to have Manu Beerens (Institute for Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, UKE)  for a guest lecture about "Zebrafish at the forefront of cardiovascular science."

20th April - Lab Meeting

Simon Melderis will talk about subproject A3 with the title: "The role of Amphiregulin in Lupusnephritis and CD4+ T cell function".


13th April - Guest Lecture

We welcome Petra Bacher (UKSH Kiel) for a guest lecture with the title: "Antigen-specific modulation of human CD4+ T cell responses by intestinal microbes" at our forthcoming CRC meeting.


30th March - Lab Meeting

Nicola Tomas and Sarah Köllner will present the Emmy Noether Project with the title: "Immunoglobulin constant and variable region engineering for the depletion of antigen-specific antibodies".


28th March - New Publication

We are pleased to announce a new publication in Nature Metabolics titled: "Molecular consequences of SARS-CoV-2 liver tropism."


23rd March - Lab Meeting

Linda Reinhard will present subproject B1 with the title: "NTNG1 is a new target antigen in membranous nephropathy".


2nd March - Lab Meeting

At the next iteration of our CRC meeting, Guido Rattay will present subproject A4 with the title: "Role of kidney tissue resident memory T cells in heterologous immunity".


23rd February - Lab Meeting

Don't miss our next lab meeting with Sybille Köhler (RG Huber), who will present her innovative project "Mechanosensation in Drosophila nephrocytes". 


16th February - Lab Meeting

We welcome Katrin Neumann from project A2 at our next CRC meeting with her work titled: "Role of CD8+ T cells in immune-mediated kidney disease".


9th February - Lab Meeting

Jan-Hendrik Riedel (project A1) will give a talk about : “Steroid-T cell interaction in immune-mediated kidney injury“.


2nd February - Lab Meeting

At our next CRC lab meeting, we are happy to welcome Regine Dress from an assoicated research group (Prinz) to present her project with the title: “Myeloid cell decisions: From homeostasis to inflammation“.


26th January - Lab Meeting

Thomas Eden and Nicola Tomas will present subproject B5 with the title: ''Depletion of autoreactive plasma cells using heavy chain antibodies against CD38, CD39 and CD203''.


19th January - Lab Meeting

Cathy Meyer-Schwesinger will hold the first lab meeting in 2022 with the title: 'The immunoproteasome as a common modifier of glomerular disease''.


15th December - Guest Lecture

We welcome Lorenz Adlung (I. Med.-HCTI) for a guest lecture with the title: ''Systems Immunology: Dynamics across Cellular Scales beyond Tissue Boundaries'' at our next CRC meeting.


8th December - Lab Meeting

At the forthcoming CRC 1192 meeting Ulf Panzer will present subproject A1 with the title: ''Role of GM-CSF in autoimmune kidney diseases''.


1st December - New Publication

We are pleased to announce another publication of the CRC 1192 on "IL-17 Receptor C Signaling Controls CD4+ TH17 Immune Responses and Tissue Injury in Immune-Mediated Kidney Diseases" in JASN.

1st December - Lab Meeting

Tilman Schmidt will present subproject B6 with the title: ''Complement activation in disease groups and individual patients''


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