24th November - Lab Meeting

Anne Mühlig and Sydney Gies will introduce subproject B8 with the title: ''Identifying pathways and factors causing primary FSGS''.

17th November - Lab Meeting

At our next lab meeting, Alice Bochel and Nicola Tomas will talk about subproject B2 and „Structural and functional characterization of the membranous nephropathy antigens PLA2R1 and THSD7A“.

27th October - Lab Meeting

Jan Czogalla (AG T.B. Huber) will present his current work and will talk about "New strategies to improve kidney transplantation: Reducing the risk of graft failure".

29th September - Lab Meeting

Our next lab meeting will feature Shuya Liu (AG T.B. Huber) with the title „Mechanosensitive signalling pathways initiate diabetic nephropathy”

CRC 1192 at DGfN Congress

The CRC 1192 will be present again at this year's DGfN congress in Rostock. Several scientists of our CRC will held talks or present poster sessions. Head over to https://www.nephrologie2021.de/ to check out the full program!

15th September - Lab Meeting

Ann-Christin Gnirck will present CRC sub project A06 with the title: "Innate and innate-like Lymphocytes in immune-mediated glomerular diseases with special focus on Mucosa-associated invariant T (MAIT) cells."

8th September - Lab Meeting

At our next CRC meeting, Marie-Sophie Philipp and Junping Yin will present subproject A08. Marie-Sophie will discuss the progress of CX3CR1 project and Junping will talk about spatial single cell RNAseq in immune cells of the kidney.

1st September - Lab Meeting

At the forthcoming CRC meeting, Markus Rinschen introduces his associated CRC project and will give a talk about: "Proteolysis in kidney inflammation".

25th August - Lab Meeting

Nicola Tomas will present his collaboration project between the Emmy Noether Group and CRC 1192: "The classical pathway triggers pathogenic complement activation in membranous nephropathy".

2nd June - Guest Lecture

We are pleased to welcome Ketan Patel (University of Reading, UK) for a guest lecture with the title: ''Manipulation the Myostatin signalling axis towards healthy ageing; advantages and limitations''. Feel free to join our WebEx stream!

26th May - Lab Meeting

Georg Herrnstadt (RG Steinmetz) will present subproject A3 and current progress about "Profiling of Treg subsets in glomerulonephritis".

19th May - Lab Meeting

At our next lab meeting Nicola Wanner will present subproject B5 with the title:  "A molecular roadmap for potential long-term hepatic sequelae in patients with severe COVID-19".

Major Publication

We are pleased to announce another milestone publication in Science Immunology titled "Clonal expansion and activation of tissue-resident memory-like TH17 cells expressing GM-CSF in the lungs of patients with severe COVID-19".

5th May - Lab Meeting

Katrin Neumann and Anne Müller will present subproject A2 with the title:  "CD8+ T cells in glomerulonephritis" at the upcoming lab meeting.

28th April - Lab Meeting

At our next lab meeting Hans-Willi Mittrücker and Nicola Gagliani will present subproject A4 and give an in-depth talk about "renal T cells".

21st April - Lab Meeting

Francesca Rampoldi from the CRC-associated group of Immo Prinz speaks about "γδ T cells license immature B cells to produce a broad range of autoantibodies" today.

14th April - Lab Meeting

At today's lab meeting Catherine Meyer-Schwesinger (porject B3)  will talk about "The immunoproteasome as a common modifier of glomerular disease progression".

31st March - Lab Meeting

Marina Zimmermann (collaborator project B8 and B9) will talk about the emerging field of deep learning within science: "Deep learning-based analysis of kidney biopsies".

24th March - Lab Meeting & Guest Lecture

We are please to welcome Christophe Kuppe from RWTH, Aachen University. Mr. Kuppe will hold a guest lecture about "Decoding myofibroblast origins in human kidney fibrosis".

17th March - Lab Meeting

Jan-Hendrik Riedel  will present latest findings of subproject A1 with the title: "Regulation of renal CD4+ T cell retention and regress"

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