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Role of Role of factor H related (FHR) proteins in glomerular diseases

Sequence- and copy number variations in the human Factor H-CFHR gene cluster are linked to the kidney diseases, atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome, C3 Glomerulopathy, Membranous Nephropathy, IgA Nephropathy and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. Deletions or duplications generate mutant CFHR-genes resulting in the expression of FHR::FHR- and FHR::Factor H-hybrid-proteins and an altered FHR-, Factor H, plasma repertoire. This disease association shows an essential role of FHR proteins for glomerular integrity. FHRs are emerging complement and immune modulators: FHR1 is an inflammatory mediator and controls Factor H surface action whereas FHR2 blocks C3 convertase action and inhibits FHR1 mediated inflammation. FHR5 is a complement activator. FHRs together with Factor H, the central C3 convertase regulator, adjust complement activity in glomeruli. A clear association is emerging between genetic modifications and the various pathologic outcomes.

We aim to define how altered FHR variants cause pathology in the kidney, and evaluate whether FHR deposition in renal biopsies serve as diagnostic and predictive markers. We are interested to define role of FHR2 and FHR5 and evaluate how new FHR2 variants (not listed in the exome aggregation consortium database, ExAc) influence complement action, affect surface binding and complement regulation. Furthermore correlate FHR1-, FHR2- and FHR5 deposition with morphological changes, immunohistological staining or cellular modifications to define unique patterns for the various glomerular diseases, and aim to develop FHRs as diagnostic markers and coordinate with clinicians for individualized, complement targeting therapy.


  • Serum FHR1 binding to necrotic-type cells activates monocytic inflammasome and marks necrotic sites in vasculopathies

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  • C3-Glomerulopathy Autoantibodies Mediate Distinct Effects on Complement C3- and C5-Convertases.

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  • Bevacizumab-associated glomerular microangiopathy.

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  • Development and validation of a renal risk score in ANCA-associated glomerulonephritis

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  • Potential role for urine PCR in the diagnosis of Whipple's disease.

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  • Lupusnephritis

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  • FHR5 Binds to Laminins, Uses Separate C3b and Surface-Binding Sites, and Activates Complement on Malondialdehyde-Acetaldehyde Surfaces.

    Rudnick RB, Chen Q, Stea ED, Hartmann A, Papac-Milicevic N, Person F, Wiesener M, Binder CJ, Wiech T, Skerka C, Zipfel PFJ Immunol. 2018 Apr

  • FHR3 Blocks C3d-Mediated Coactivation of Human B Cells. 

    Buhlmann D, Eberhardt HU, Medyukhina A, Prodinger WM, Figge MT, Zipfel PF, Skerka CJ Immunol. 2016 Jul

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