SFB 1192

SFB 1192 associated working groups

The close cooperation between the various projects is an important feature of the SFB. Another decisive factor is the close cooperation with other working groups closely related to the research areas investigated by the SFB.
These include in particular the DFG-funded Emmy Noether research groups of PD Dr. J-E. Turner and Dr. N. Tomas. These groups focus their research on the role of another lymphocyte cell population ("Innate Lymphoid Cells" - ILCs) in inflammatory kidney diseases one the one hand. One the other hand they investigate the molecular mechanisms of membranous glomerulonephritis.
The intensive collaboration with the working group of Prof. T. B. Huber makes it possible to gain a better understanding of another disease from the circle of inflammatory kidney diseases, the FSGS.
Another elementary aspect in the study of different cell populations in autoimmune diseases that has emerged in recent years is the single-cell RNA sequencing. The establishment of a reliable workflow and the analysis of the large amounts of data has led to further close cooperation of the working groups of Prof. S. Bonn and Prof. N. Gagliani with the projects of the SFB.

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