On our upcoming CRC lab meeting Shiwa Soukou-Wargalla will present subproject A5 and talk about: "Emergence and function of IL-10-producing Type 1 regulatory (Tr1) T cells in crescentic glomerulonephritis"

Since the summer break has ended, we will continue with our lab meetings. Dominik Kylies will present his project with the title: „Nanoscale tissue profiling using expansion-enhanced super-resolution radial fluctuations (ExSRRF)“

Jan Eric Turner and Nikhat Shaikh will present subproject A6 and talk about ‘’Innate and innate-like lymphocytes as targets for therapeutic interventions’’.

Two new papers have been published in Cells titled: "Pathogenic T-Cell Responses in Immune-Mediated Glomerulonephritis" and "Antigen Cross-Presentation by Murine Proximal Tubular Epithelial Cells Induces Cytotoxic and Inflammatory CD8 + T Cells".

Elion Hoxha will present subproject C1 – "Hamburg Glomerulonephritis Registry" at the upcoming CRC lab meeting.

We are happy to announce a further publication of CRC 1192 titled: "The Amphiregulin/EGFR axis protects from lupus nephritis via downregulation of pathogenic CD4 + T helper cell responses" in the Journal Autoimmunity.

Out lab meeting continues with Markus Rinschen (subproject B10) talking about: " Proteolytic control of inflammatory glomerular kidney disease "

We are pleased to inform you about a new publication of CRC 1192 titled: "Loss of the collagen IV modifier prolyl 3-hydroxylase 2 causes thin basement membrane nephropathy" in J Clin Invest.

We are happy to have Manu Beerens (Institute for Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, UKE)  for a guest lecture about "Zebrafish at the forefront of cardiovascular science."

Simon Melderis will talk about subproject A3 with the title: "The role of Amphiregulin in Lupusnephritis and CD4+ T cell function".


We welcome Petra Bacher (UKSH Kiel) for a guest lecture with the title: "Antigen-specific modulation of human CD4+ T cell responses by intestinal microbes" at our forthcoming CRC meeting.


Nicola Tomas and Sarah Köllner will present the Emmy Noether Project with the title: "Immunoglobulin constant and variable region engineering for the depletion of antigen-specific antibodies".


We are pleased to announce a new publication in Nature Metabolics titled: "Molecular consequences of SARS-CoV-2 liver tropism."


Linda Reinhard will present subproject B1 with the title: "NTNG1 is a new target antigen in membranous nephropathy".


At the next iteration of our CRC meeting, Guido Rattay will present subproject A4 with the title: "Role of kidney tissue resident memory T cells in heterologous immunity".


Don't miss our next lab meeting with Sybille Köhler (RG Huber), who will present her innovative project "Mechanosensation in Drosophila nephrocytes". 


We welcome Katrin Neumann from project A2 at our next CRC meeting with her work titled: "Role of CD8+ T cells in immune-mediated kidney disease".


Jan-Hendrik Riedel (project A1) will give a talk about : “Steroid-T cell interaction in immune-mediated kidney injury“.


At our next CRC lab meeting, we are happy to welcome Regine Dress from an assoicated research group (Prinz) to present her project with the title: “Myeloid cell decisions: From homeostasis to inflammation“.


Thomas Eden and Nicola Tomas will present subproject B5 with the title: ''Depletion of autoreactive plasma cells using heavy chain antibodies against CD38, CD39 and CD203''.


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